She was a cyborg. she would never go to a ball.

When I first read the synopsis of Cinder, I thought, No. This is lame. I haven't always been a fan of science-fiction, since I find it hard to keep up with particular terminologies that show up in such books. 

But then I decided to give this a shot. I couldn't stop.

This book simply caught me in so many ways unexpected! I just finished reading like 20 minutes ago, and I'm still in shock at what I've just read. This book made me feel almost every emotion that no ordinary book could do to me. And how strange it was because I prejudiced this book at first! 

Cinder is a science-fictional retelling of the famous classic Cinderella. Cinder is a cyborg who works as a mechanic in New Beijing where she fixes things to earn money to support the family who adopted her: Adri (stepmom) and Pearl and Peony (stepsisters). Along the Eastern Commonwealth, a deadly outbreak of a plague called letumosis slowly kills most of the population of the country. Cinder is sent away by her her evil stepmother Adri as a cyborg draft subject in order to find a cure for the plague that has been killing so many people - even the father of the dreamy Prince Kai. 

There are so many secrets that will be revealed about Cinder. Everyone looked at her as worthless, even her stepmother who didn't even consider her as human. But towards the end of the book, we will know how the Lunars come to be related to the characters of the book. Not to mention the fearful Lunar Queen Levana!

I loved Cinder. She was sarcastic and incredibly hilarious! I've always hated sarcastic characters, but Cinder was one who barely irritated me at all. She is my new favorite character, and I just simply love her in the story! 

Oh and there's the Prince Charming of the novel, Prince Kai, who will play an incredibly huge role in the book. I also love Prince Kai. I fell for his actions, for his dreamy appearance. And I loved basically everything in the climax of the book! He is wonderful!

You'll eventually love this book, and I'm definitely going to have to force you all to read Cinder. I had judged this book and thought that it wouldn't be for me, but I guess I was proven wrong! I fell in love with the story, the twists and turns, and all the emotions that the book made me undergo. Cinder is perfect. This makes one of my favorite books so far! 


  1. Ahhh! You finally read it! I'm so happy you loved it and in my opinion it only gets better with Scarlet and Cress! =)

    1. You read Scarlet and Cress?!? Ahh I'm so jealous because i can't wait to get copies for myself!! This book...... *dies*

  2. YES AGREE AGREE AGREE. I totally remember going through the blogosphere and seeing all these great things about Cinder, and I kept thinking, what's so great about this? AND THEN I READ IT and it all went downhill from there. I do still have to read the rest of the series though.

    1. Haha I know!! It's the positive reviews that people write that makes me want to read it haha :) Yay I actually thought I was the only person who has gone through that phase! :D

  3. Cinder was just okay for me. I found it a little too predictable. But I did get through it pretty quickly, so it must've had some addictive qualities to it for me to keep reading. I've heard that Scarlet is even better, so I might give that one a try in the future sometime.


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