Eleanor & Park

He made her feel like more than the sum of her parts.

The story starts on August 1986. Eleanor moves to a new school and starts riding the school bus where everyone loves picking at her. It's because Eleanor wore clothes like a boy, had really curly red hair, and was just simply strange. Everyday she sits beside Park Sheridan in the bus, and at first they barely talk until Eleanor starts reading the comics Park has on his laps. He sees that she reads it and would turn the page for her to continue. It's not long until Park lends her his comics and records of The Smiths' songs. Then that's when they slowly start talking. 

At first Eleanor and Park are really awkward. Eleanor was very shy and unopen because she felt mistreated by her stepdad and everyone bullied her. Park was that half-Korean guy who loves wearing black. What I loved about this book was that it didn't have beautiful characters. There were no girls falling for boys with abs or no "his perfect crooked smile catches me" part. The characters fell in love with imperfections. And that was something new.

I loved Park. He loved Eleanor for who she was and even thought how pretty she looked! But that part barely caught me. Somehow it was so repetitive that I was getting used to it. 

I, of course, enjoyed this nonetheless. This book is beautiful! The ending felt rushed, though, like Rowell was very eager to finish the book. But then it also sounded a little heartbreaking. It was no happy ending, such as those Disney films we all love to see. It was sad. I think you'd probably cry, but I didn't. It just tore my heart to shreds.

Perfect for anyone. I'd love for you to read it.



  1. I hope to one day get around to reading this. It sounds super cute. I LOVED Rowell's Fangril novel and Attachments by her was pretty good. I'll have to make sure to read it when I'm reading for all the emotions. :)

    1. I'm pretty sure it won't disappoint you when you actually try it out :D It's very fun and light and simply adorable! I haven't read Attachments yet, but I probably might - soon :)

  2. Yesss I did read this, and although I didn't like it as much as Fangirl, I loved how both Eleanor and Park were just different people with different personalities, and their looks didn't matter. In my opinion, since Park is half-Asian, it doesn't really matter that he fell in love with a red head. I would understand if he was a native Korean in the 1990's/late 80's, but it isn't the case here.

    BUT THAT ENDING. Like wut. I definitely want to know what those words are.

    1. I agree, I loved Fangirl MORE even if it was just basically about Cath writing fanfiction! Eleanor & Park was somehow special, but I feel that some parts of the book were too common lol. Haha I feel like the only person who thinks it's weird for an Asian and a redhead to be a couple! :P But you have a point!

      The ending was a little strange! AND I WANTED MORE BUT UGH IT ENDED TOO SOON :((

  3. Hi, Jillian! I'd been trying to read your book reviews (especially those that tackle about the books I've read) when I got the chance to see this Rainbow Rowell's creation. Are you familiar with the word *pabebe* ? Well, this book made me think of this famous (in my opinion) Filipino word. For instance, when Eleanor is being praised, at first she would feel glad; suddenly, she would feel awkward and shy (Do you remember the time when she had a make over with Park's mom?) Nevertheless, it's still a page-turner novel. It's cute, simple, and so *pabebe*. 😊❤📚

  4. Such a great book! I feel like the ending was a bit rushed as well, but I really enjoyed getting to know these characters and the world Rowell put together. She writes beautifully, and I agree that the book was a bit heartbreaking. Not wholly, but just a little. Definitely more than the sum of its parts ;) glad you liked this one, and thanks for stopping by my blog!

    - Eli @ The Silver Words


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