Amy & Roger's Epic Detour

The best discoveries always happened to people who weren't looking for them.

This book is amazing, reader. I can't tell you how many times I've squealed while reading this book. I was even on page 16 and felt very excited. And I was talking to myself again, repeatedly telling myself this was fun.

In the beginning, we see Amy Curry alone in her house in California. Her mom is in Connecticut and wanted Amy to drive the car all the way there to move out, since they were selling their old house in California. Roger, whose mom is a close family friend, is tasked to drive Amy, since she can't drive (for her father's car accident scarred her) and also, he is on his way to Philadelphia. Despite the fact that Amy's mom emailed them an itinerary of places they should go, Amy disregards it and goes on a detour entirely on her own. With the help of Roger, of course.

Gosh. I just love this story!! I've never read a book about road trips or detours so this was a refreshing start. You have no idea how jealous I felt because I have never been on a road trip the way Amy and Roger did, and the way they make it sound seem to be so much fun!

I also got a clearer picture of America. I've only been to the US thrice since half my relatives and friends from school moved there. It was mostly Californa I'd visited, but this book made me see so much more. I also found out more about NuWay and crumbly burgers, which are things we don't have in Manila. So this made me feel like I was on a vacation as well!

It's not about the destination. It's getting there that's the good part.

This book is utterly refreshing! It took me to so many places, and in my mind I can see everything they saw throughout their trip. I was surprised to see that there were actual photos from their trip printed in the book, together with both Amy & Roger's playlists (which I will definitely listen to someday). This novel was also sarcastic and hilarious which had me laughing out loud! I love a good laugh, and this just gave me one.

One thing: Amy, I seriously envy you. This book made me crave to go on a road trip as well

Not only will there be a good adventure, but also a bunch of family drama, heartbreaks, broken relationships, and feelings, which are contained in this beautiful novel. This book is simply happy and fluffy and colorful.

I even felt disappointed when their trip was over because I felt as if the vacation really was over. I was so absorbed in the novel, and I love it so much! Like, I finished it in 2 days. Such a fast read. And the ending. It was truly a bittersweet ending.

Highly recommending this book! I don't care if you don't like fluffy stories, road trips, or pretty sunsets - you must read this book. Or I will have to force you if otherwise.

jillian etc.