Red Queen

Anyone can betray anyone.

If I can say one real thing I love about this book, it is its dystopian setting. I love the idea that the world is divided by the color of blood -- the Silvers being the superior ones, whereas the Reds the inferior. Dystopia is my most favorite book genre, and I'm really happy that this concept worked well with me. This was creative and enjoyable to read, and I never got tired from reading this.

And I won't forget to mention the pacing of the novel. It's fast, quick... Not a single part of this book ever bored me out, and I'm satisfied with that! The writing flowed well and, thankfully, wasn't too overdetailed and boring. This book might satisfy you completely if your into tons of plot twists and betrayal because Red Queen has more than that, complete with a tinge of mystery behind those plot twists.

With that said, the only thing I did not like about Red Queen, though, was its unoriginality.

I feel like I have read almost every aspect in this book.

There is a love triangle, which isn't clearly focused in the story (thankfully), but it is there! And there is the ever-famous "rags to riches" concept. How many times have you heard of an inexperienced protagonist from a sad family suddenly discover something extraordinary about them that paves them ways to be incredibly special and rich towards the end of the story? (HINT: Harry Potter and Percy Jackson.)

Basically, this book contained the same aspects that old books already had, and to me, I felt that the storyline has become very unoriginal knowing that those aspects have already appeared in different forms and stories.

I'd still continue the trilogy because I am really curious because of that ending. I keep wondering what will happen next. And of course, I'd still recommend this book! Read it, because the suspense is all there.

jillian etc.