Rapunzel's tower is a satellite. she can't let down her hair—or her guard.

Cress follows a retelling of Rapunzel. We have our new character, Cress, join the team, but before that, we are introduced to her as a Lunar trapped in a satellite for 7 years, with the task of hacking and manipulating computer systems to find where Cinder and her accomplices have took into hiding. After a string of events, Cinder and her team meet Cress through a comm. When they realize she's trapped, Thorne volunteers to rescue her. Fast forward to some awful events, and the rest of the team are separated with the hope of finding one another to stop the wedding between Queen Levana and Prince Kai.

One of the few things I loved about the book was that it was never boring. There was never a scene that made me sleepy. Heck, I stayed up at 2 am last night reading this. No regrets there. That's how engaging this book really was. I even had myself clutching the book for dear life when I reached the end.

I don't know how Marissa Meyer did this, but she finally made me feel for a book. So hard.
In the midst of such a thick book with several plot twists and unpredictable events, there was humor, which made the book very light and enjoyable. Where there was tension, there was a joke in between -- by the ever fabulous Captain Carswell Thorne. My all-time favorite character right next to Cinder.

This book also revolves around each of its characters, including Prince Kai and Queen Levana, in a way that doesn't destruct the flow of the story. I love how you see a little bit of perspective from each characters, both major and minor. It gave a very interesting insight and further developed the story unto its climax.

I seriously cannot wait for Winter! I need it now. The ending sort of has this cliffhanger that's so teasing, it makes me want to rip the book apart because I'm in desperate need of the final book right now, even if I have this strange feeling it would have both a happy and a sad ending.

In conclusion, I am highly recommending this book to any YA reader out there! Even if you think you hate science-fiction (much like myself), you will definitely come to love the series! I gave 5 stars to all the books in the series so hopefully that convinces the majority of you all to start reading The Lunar Chronicles.

jillian etc.