Crown of Midnight

The rest of the world quieted into nothing. In that moment, after ten long years, Celaena looked at Chaol and realised she was home.

I finished this book in a span of three weeks while I was on my one-month reading slump, but despite that, this book had hit me the hardest. Even harder than Throne of Glass did!

Saying that Crown of Midnight is better is clearly an understatement. Because this book was more than just better! It was heavenly! Magical. Haunting. Beautiful... all of them mixed up altogether to blend into such an extraordinary story.

I am more than impressed!

While this book kicks off from where Throne of Glass ends, we see not only the story develop into a full-fledged and complex storyline, but we also its characters stem into who they are destined to become eventually. One, in particular, is Celaena Sardothien. Her attitude has hugely changed in this one, and her aggressiveness is both shocking and amusing! I loved Celaena and her character, and I really admire her in this book!

Being a lover for fluffy romances, I really enjoyed the romance as well! It was light, though some parts weren't. And I am starting to like Chaol a lot now

The writing was beautiful! It was descriptive, figurative, and simply captivating. What made it unique was the fact that it made the whole book seem so lyrical and bittersweet! That's what I loved about Crown of Midnight: the emotions, the haunting scenes -- they were all depicted easily through the words. And they flow so easily! I really enjoyed it!

I'll be honest: I love this book more than Throne of Glass. I really do. And I can't wait to start reading Heir of Fire because I heard it was much better. I am equally excited and nervous about reading the next book, but we'll see!

Anyway, Crown of Midnight has surpassed my love for Throne of Glass after reading all the amazing adventures and character development this book had! It was simply refreshing to go through them, even if the fantasy is literally heavy enough to boggle your mind while trying to absorb the story. I highly recommend this book, and if you had read Throne of Glass previously, you definitely need to continue the series.

jillian etc.