Dangerous Girls

Wouldn't we all look guilty, if someone searched hard enough?

I honestly can't believe I didn't read this earlier. I am utterly amazed, confused, and blown away over what I just read! Because Dangerous Girls is such an amazing book. Nobody can tell me otherwise.

The book is about Anna and her group of friends who go on a trip to Aruba where they could do anything they want that teenagers do, such as attending parties and drinking. The thing is: no parents. With only the group on the trip alone, Anna and her friends plan to have the time of their lives while they are away from home. And from their families.

Until Anna's friend, Elise, is brutally murdered. And Anna is convicted as the murderer, even if she claims herself to be completely innocent. Of course, nobody knows who the real killer is; nobody even believes in Anna's innocence. With all her friends heading back home, she faces court and recalls all the previous events -- if they could only help to prove her innocence.

Reading this, I cried.

As a normally anxious person in real life, I was incredibly anxious over this book. I was tense about Anna, which made me connect to her character really well. All throughout, I sympathized with her, connected with her. And when the ending came up, my anxiety sort of blew up and I literally cried. At 12 AM in the morning.

This book was equally hilarious, entertaining, and heartbreaking! Plus, the ending was. just. mindblowing. Haas knows how to direct her readers toward one direction, then twist you around to what was unexpected. This is what I absolutely love in YA books! Furthermore, the mystery really digs you in. Since the first page, I was already pointing fingers at who the real killer was.

Quite a teasing book, I tell you.

Although I really loved the ending, it was slightly very confusing, especially about Anna's verdict in the end. (If you read the book, you have to tell me about it in the comments!) But anyway, this book deserves endless love and praise! Simply brilliant!

jillian etc.