A Look into My Bullet Journal

Bullet journals have become such a huge thing among book bloggers, and I happen to have gotten caught up in the rage over this new trend, even if it has been going on for some years now. To the unaware, a bullet-journal is an organized system where you jot down your to-do's, events, goals, entries, and everything else! Basically, it is like a personalized planner.

I have only started doing this a week ago, but I am so happy to have filled up so much over time! There have been times when I wasn't up to bullet-journaling, but I would eventually get swept up by it again, and just simply enjoy filling everything else with ideas.

I thought of wanting to show you how I bullet-journal, so here it is!

The Monthly Page

Every month, I start off with 3 sections before writing down daily entries, goals, and to-do's. Other people do this in a different way, such as putting a page for each of the three. Well, I wanted to maximize my notebook, so I put it all in one page.

I divided the page into 3 sections, mainly:
  • A monthly calendar - This is where I highlight important dates of the month, like exams, family events, and the like. I color-code the events to avoid mix-ups. (e.g. green is for personal events and blue is for school.)
  • A future log - This corresponds to the calendar, where I explain the highlighted dates and write what is happening on that specific date.
  • Monthly goals section - You always need to aim to achieve something every month! Here, I divide my goals into three sections -- school, life, and blogging! Every time I complete a goal, I always have to remember to tick them off the box! Otherwise, I migrate them for the next month, or simply mark them off as irrelevant.

Here is a close-up photo of my monthly page! Every month, I change the color of the header ribbon to differentiate the months, which really adds up more variety into my bullet-journal.

Weekly Entries

This is one week of my bullet-journal! I don't write for every single day in which there are no goals needed to be set. The design was inspired (ish) by Kara, who has her own bullet journal that is just so gorgeous! (Her journal is the prettiest that I want to snatch it, haha.)

Every day, I write down goals I need to complete within the day. Each of my goals are color-coded (well, the boxes are), so I may categorize them, may they be for school, the blog, or for personal things. (Pink is for school, purple is for my blog, and blue is personal. Just in case you're wondering.)

Other things I include in my daily entries:
  • the weather
  • daily motivational quotes to help get through the day
  • special events per day
  • mood and weekly status

I absolutely love doing daily entries because this is the portion where I can know how far I've gone with my goals. I can also customize and be more creative with what I write, which is just so fun! I try to be myself and push my creativity into the pages, which is something I advise everyone to do. There is no specific format for the daily entries because you can make them look however you want!

Here is a close-up on my entries a few days ago! As you can see, I highlight important stuff with a color-code system, such as birthdays and the like. Thursday was my real-life best friend's birthday (and no, she is not a book blogger, haha), so that was something I really wanted to take note of by highlighting it in yellow. You can also notice the daily quotes I put, which really help me through the day. After all, each day needs something to push you forward.

I like to decorate the pages with stickers, too. Just to add a little bit of color.

Last part: my weekly status! This is where I recap my entire week with a short "status update" of how my week went. I include my mood to summarize how I've been feeling, together with a brief entry to explain how it went. 

In this case, my week was pretty stressful and sleep-depriving, which was what I wrote at the bottom of the page. I like the idea of recapping my week with a short status because I can look back and see how my weeks have been going on, whether they went good or bad. It's always nice to revisit old weeks and days!

That's pretty much it! For now, I decided not to share the pages that go after this because they are still currently in progress, and I don't think it looks pretty in a blog post, since I haven't finished coloring or decorating it yet. Haha. But I had fun writing this post, and I look forward to all of your bullet journals as well (if you decide to share them with me too?). 
jillian etc.