2016 Resolutions

Happy New Year once again, bookworms! 2015 has officially ended, and I am really looking forward to what 2016 could bring. While this year won't obviously guarantee an easier year for me, I am hoping to commit to myself a few things that I would either like to start or continue doing as 2016 progresses. Here are some of my resolutions for the 16th:

1. Read more classics

My love for classics fostered upon reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen back in the 7th grade, and since then I have developed a keen interest in reading old novels written by famous authors who lived centuries ago. A week ago, I cleaned out my shelves and created a little space dedicated for my classical books. I hope to purchase more Vintage or Penguin Classics -- because those editions are beautiful! -- and fill in my bookshelf with more books I'd hopefully come to love!

Recently, I bought Far From The Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy, and I cannot contain my excitement over this intriguing book! I made a TBR list of classical books I'd want to read, and I'm hoping I may get through with it, especially in 2016.

2. Finish 65 books

Since 2014, I have been setting my Goodreads Reading Challenge to 100 books, but as soon as I realized that I had limited time spent for reading, I have been reducing the number down to around 50 or 60 to keep up with a much reasonable goal for the year.

I cannot commit myself to read 100 books as I am expecting 2016 to be much more complex and stressful, school-wise. But I feel that 65 is something that I could at least reach, so that is why I am aiming for this year.

3. Start documenting and bullet-journaling

I have never heard of bullet-journaling until I came across the term through Twitter. I've seen videos of it now and saw how the thing worked, and now I can't wait to get myself started with it. I would love to be more organized with my work and to document my daily activities in the brown notebook I have.

4. Gym every Saturday

I first started going to the gym in the 9th grade, and I would like to continue doing this every Saturday to maintain consistent balance in my health. My favorite exercise is to run 4 km or more in the treadmill, but I'm hoping to beat my own personal record soon (6 km).

4. Maintain good grades

My grades have been really good so far, but I am slightly struggling in Filipino, especially because we had to read a Filipino-Spanish book with 39 chapters and heavy symbolism. I am hoping to pull my grades higher in that particular subject, though.

5. Comment in more blogs

I noticed that my commenting plummeted down over the recent months. I plan to change that by visiting more book blogs and leaving down a comment, or by simply reciprocating what people have left over at my blog!

What are your 2016 resolutions?

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