Singapore Travels

Travel is the best way I know how to find the good things out of everything. Through a multitude of assessments and paperwork, my family and I have not found the time to travel abroad together. However, our most recent trip is one that I won't forget: in four days and three nights, we had the pleasure of visiting Singapore after a tough week of work and academics, paving for this much needed time for leisure and activity.

The travel time to Singapore from the Philippines takes approximately three hours via flight. It was hotter, drier, and more humid as opposed to the Philippine weather that I had grown accustomed to, but I surprised that, in spite of staying outdoors at most times, the heat was nonetheless tolerable. Albeit dry and warm, Singapore was a beautiful place.

Universal Studios Singapore

This was my 3rd Universal Studios that I have visited. While the first two that I've visited were in California and Florida, I found similar pleasure to the rides offered in Singapore. Here, it was immensely hot with the potential to cause heat exhaustion. Luckily, the restaurants were well air-conditioned and so were the waiting rooms. It was always a relief to seek for cold air after a tiring day outdoors.

Compared to the Studios in both California and Florida, the rides were closely similar but with very minor changes. The rides in the U.S. were intense, but I also found the Revenge of the Mummy roller coaster in Singapore thrilling.

Singapore Zoo

In addition to rides, my family and I hopped on a bus to visit the Singapore Zoo, where we had a river boat safari to see wildlife. It would be an understatement to say that I was fascinated by the animals there. They held actual polar bears, pandas, as well as a large anaconda to which my brother and I sang Nicki Minaj's song the entire time. 

The zoo greatly advocated the Amazon River, often providing interesting facts and the need for preservation. This place, to me, seemed hotter than the Studios, but what made me get through the heat was the fact that there were animals there that should be worth seeing before collapsing into exhaustion. There were a variety of animals, such as the scarlet ibises whose beaks and physical features resembled that of a flamingo.

Shopping and Marina Bay

Likewise, I spent my time shopping at malls for great clothes on sale. In Bugis Street, many sellers and vendors had a variety of clothes on sale for an affordable price. Strolling around the city with my family was also really fun. They sold ice cream sandwiches in the street wrapped in bread.

They also have really interesting food that I normally don't taste. Singapore is known for its bowl of spicy noodle soup, laksa, which is almost similar to tom yum, a Thai dish that my family is very fond of eating.

I normally don't taste spicy food and so I had a hard time trying to enjoy the bowl. But thanks to my (evil) brother, he got me to at least taste 1/4 of the bowl. To me, it had an interesting taste. Not exactly my favorite, as I'm not fond of spicy dishes, but a new food that had come to my radar.

Overall, Singapore was one of those loveliest countries that I've been to. It's been a while since I've explored another part of Asia, and I'm really glad that I got the opportunity to be here. One of the factors that made me enjoy the trip so much was the fact that I saw new places and faces. Everything here was simply lovely.
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