Me Before You

Live boldly. Push yourself. Don't settle.

Me Before You is a heart-wrenching book that took me by the heart and squeezed it quite too forcefully. I am madly and deeply in love with this novel, and I crave more for its magic.

This is a story about Louisa "Lou" Clark who loses her job as a waitress in a local tea shop, Buttered Bun. Desperate to find a job to earn enough income for her family and herself, she is employed as a caregiver for a quadriplegic man, Will Traynor, a taciturn, reserved, and stern person who requires daily support to satisfy his physiological demands. What Lou is completely unaware of is what she is getting herself into. What she's ought to do for Will, whose secret might be too much to even handle.

You only get one life. It's actually your duty to live it as fully as possible.

I somehow love how this book is centered on human life. Through Will Traynor, I get to read about the vicissitudes of life, the encumbrances. Although I was slightly disappointed by the turn of events in the conclusion, I still admire the way he got through everything, even with Lou right beside him.

Absolutely heartbreaking

I found myself in tears at the end, gripping my Kindle firmly in my hands as I intently read the book towards the end. For sure, this book (as well as the movie) would bring you to tears because you can clearly see how important life is, and how it may often threaten to bring others down -- especially for those without hope. I highly recommend this book!

Before I end, I just want to show my gratitude to Ruzi for giving me the opportunity to read this book! Thank you, my dear friend. You are the best.

jillian etc.