6 Summer Reading Habits

Ever since I graduated from junior high and took a 3-month summer vacation after school, I've come back to blogging a bit more often, loosening up slightly with the schedule and only posting whenever I feel like it. Along with that, I took my reading into a brand new level, reading books more often that I wouldn't normally read, exploring new genres and the like. I also opened up new beta reading services, which, I have to say, really helped me improve my analytical skills.

With 3 months having flown by, I am finally heading back to school on the 4th of August. This week will be my last full week of summer. Every time this realization hits me, I always turn to reading, which, in some way, changed as the summer goes by. Here are some of my brand new summer reading habits of 2016.

1. Isolating myself when reading a good book.

I used to be really comfortable reading in a noisy room with people everywhere, but when I find myself too engrossed in the book, I find myself easily distracted, which is something that never really happened to me in the past. The books I've read this summer have been great, and I like to focus on the great books I read! Thus, I resort to reading alone in the living room and making sure nobody bothers me because, this book. I need to enjoy it alone and spend quality time!

2. Reading until 3 a.m.

I've done this countless of times, surprisingly. I like to read my books late at night because everything is silent -- no cars in the driveway or noise from outside -- so I find it more enjoyable to read my books. Frankly, I've spent countless nights staying up at 3 am. There was one time when I was crying over a book until 4 in the morning, and my friend was so shocked to find out that he even dubbed me as "that intense reader."

I can't help but read until early in the morning! It's become a serious habit because I wake up in the morning, my eyes very tired, even if I had slept for 7 hours or so.

3. Finishing book after book

With 11th grade coming in so close, I've never read so much books in my entire summer! (I've read nearly 20 books in my summer vacation alone.) The thought that I might never read at all during the school year has really pumped me to read my books more, finishing as much as I can before the school year begins. The result? Doing a personal book marathon/read-a-thon! I feel like I'm having a race against myself to see if I can finish all my books before school. It has become a habit that if I finish this one book, I must immediately go and read the next one.

4. Photographing my books upon finishing.

I now do a little bit of book photography once I finish a book that I've just read. I do this so I have something to post in my personal Tumblr, where I sometimes write very short reviews of the books that I finished. (Albeit my Tumblr was intended to share personal posts and photography, I can't help but include my books as well. Haha.) So I'm back to doing book photography now, even if I don't like to do Bookstagram at all.

5. Compulsively hoarding more books.

It's really funny how I always feel the need to gather more and more books even if I have a ton left unread in my bookshelf! I find myself asking people to borrow books if they pass along the way to the library, and I often make impromptu bookstore visits on Saturdays to buy more books to read for myself. Hoarding a lot of books feels so compulsive!

6. Dog-earing my books at favorite parts.

I know that other people are peeved by this, but I can't help it! I love to dog-ear my books! When I read a good part in a novel, I always mark the page by folding the top corner. So when I get back to the book some other day and I want to revisit my favorite parts, I just find the dog-eared pages instead of having to go through the hassle of searching it through the chapters. It's something that has really helped me because I get to re-read my favorite scenes whenever I want to!

What are some of your reading habits?

jillian etc.