The Unexpected Everything

There is so much softness in the idea of families and love.

I am more than pleased that I got the opportunity to read Morgan Matson's latest book, The Unexpected Everything. I've read and loved all of Matson's novel, so it was utterly satisfying to have this with me. Albeit it's not my most favorite, I, at least, did enjoy almost everything in this book. This story was just so adorable.

Andie Walker had her entire summer planned out ahead of her. She was sure she'd go to Johns Hopkins during her vacation, when, unfortunately, her acceptance to the school was withdrawn, tearing apart her well-thought out plans. Desperate to find something new to do, she signs up for a summer job, not knowing that she had supposedly given herself a job as a dog walker. With all her friends to hang out with in the summer and with a job to handle cute dogs in hot afternoons, Andie meets Clark, a handsome 19-year-old with an unbelievable profession.

The Unexpected Everything was as adorable as any Matson novel. I really loved how cute this book. You may expect a lot of stuff you'd find in a regular chicklit novel—one with romance, friendship, summers, and cute boys. But most of all, a ton of fluff in all places.

What I loved most was its emphasis on family.

While this book revolves around romance, it also puts a clear emphasis on family. I've always had a thing for familial aspects in books, and I was really happy to read that this book was not only centered on teenage romance and friendship, but also the consequence of family.

Here, we see Andie's poor relationship with her father, who is a congressman. With her father 's life centered on politics—even amidst the latest political scandal that had him on clear spotlight—Andie knew that she could no longer relate to that one person she had left. This book starts with a poor father-daughter relationship, but throughout the book we see how imperative it is to nurture such relationship as we grow up.

There were some things, however, that didn't satisfy my liking at some point. For one, I was internally conflicted by the book's conflict. Perhaps because I had personal experiences of my own that I could relate it with, which immediately upset me so much. This is a minor thing, though. But overall, this book was so lovely and I do encourage contemporary fans to give this book a try!

jillian etc.