December & Blooming

It's December and it's blooming. Recounting my encounters over the past ten months, I believe that I have been shaped into a better person Through the multitude of responsibilities I've handled, I am more than grateful for the new relationships I've created, the friends I've met, the challenges I've overcome, and the people I had the pleasure to meet. This is how I've been in the past ten months I've been gone.

College Preparations

As soon as I finished junior year, my entire summer was spent at home for college prep work and review. Because of school and college review, I had no choice but to be left behind while my family traveled abroad for three weeks. I was disheartened with my responsibilities, but I was also very determined to review the subject matters that I needed to understand for my upcoming CETs. I pushed myself to work hard, but I also made sure to allow myself some occasional rest. 

I applied for the top four universities based in Manila to pursue an undergraduate degree in any of the following courses: Legal Management, Literature, Creative Writing, and Philosophy. As of now, I am waiting for my results, which will be released in January. I have been praying so hard for really good college results, since I do hope to pursue legal studies someday.

Piano Recitals and Music

In spite of my occasional high school workload, I performed in a school south from home and played Kyle Landry's arrangement of Apologize in the piano, one of my favorite modern pianists today. Unfortunately, the piece was 7 minutes long and I did not have enough time to complete the ending of the song. As a result, I had to cut it short and give it my own ending for the audience to enjoy.

My performance was on the day of my junior prom! As soon as I finished my performance, I drove back home, wore my blue prom dress, and went to school with my prom date afterwards. It was stressful, but it is one of my favorite memories!

Asian Travels 

Nostalgic over scenic sunsets and city landscapes, I flew back to Japan last November and stayed at Tokyo and Sapporo. My family and I went back to all the places that we have missed deeply and decided to spend time together in the same places where we have been last. It was an exhausting trip, but also a memorable one. We ate our favorite Japanese cuisines and celebrated Halloween with kind and hilarious Japanese nationals.

"17 and dreaming"

This year has been one of the best years I've had, given the new friends I've made, the relationships I've sustained, and the people I've encountered through my summer immersion class in Quezon and my school's Alternative Christmas program with our partner communities. I met families and toured them around Manila during their memorable stay in the metropolis, giving them a taste of classic Wendy's and a view of the bay area along the sidewalks of Manila Bay. 

But more importantly, I believe that I have grown as a person. I like to think that my responsibilities have made me into a mature student and daughter, and these past few months have changed me for the good. I look forward to more opportunities and encounters, as well as positive college test results that I've prayed hard for.

Of course, I surely won't forget the books I am excited to indulge in.
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