With All The Blessings This World Has Given Me

2017 has changed me. This year, I encountered new people, went out of my comfort zone, explored, and tried out new things — things that I surely won't forget. I've made so many good memories these past few months, and looking back on them makes my heart ache and twist because I've loved every single part of each good memory I've made.

In 2017, good things happened...

i. I built and sustained relationships. I hung out with my friends, met new people, and managed to keep in touch despite being in separate schools. 

ii. Went to prom. My junior prom was just like any other high school prom, but what made it memorable for me were the people I spent the night with. It was a beautiful night, and my heart warms just thinking about it. 

iii. Fell in love. I like to think that God has His own ways of surprising me. Last summer, I fell in love with my best friend (my prom date in junior prom) after a few hangouts with him and some friends. It was really unexpected! He is very kind, funny, and supportive -- best of all, he makes me happy. He definitely helped make my year a really good one. 

iv. Senior year. I entered my final year in high school at last, and I am doing the most of what I can.

v. Applied for 4 universities. Over the summer, I studied intensively for the upcoming college entrance tests. I applied for 4 universities, 2 of which are my dream universities.

In 2018, I hope to...

i. Graduate with good memories. I hope to leave high school with nothing but happiness and good memories that I could always look back to.

ii. Start college well. I recently got accepted into 2 universities, and one of them is a dream university that I've prayed so hard to get into! The entrance tests were quite difficult, so I was surprised to discover that I was offered admission to my first choice of course -- including my dream university, which only accepts 20% of its freshmen applicants. I promised myself to work hard in college, especially after all the hard work that I put to getting in the university.

iii. Read more books. As heartbreaking as it is, I only read 2 books in 2017. High school was too much that I had to cut down time for reading and blogging. So this year, I hope to change that.

iv. Be more active in blogging. You will, for sure, see more of me throughout this year! 

v. Make new friends, but keep the old. While I am graduating this year, I hope to nurture my high school friendships while creating new ones in college. I will treasure every relationship, every friend, every classmate. 

How is your 2017? What do you hope to accomplish in 2018?

jillian etc.