A New Chapter

I believe it's been five months, and writing up this post nearly felt quite difficult to do because of the amount of requirements and paperwork that I had. While I am writing this, I am currently on summer break with the much-loved free time at hand and a number of books right beside me. Here is how I've been these past few months.

Books I've Read and Loved

I am currently reading Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys, who happens to be one of my favorite authors. It's a historical fictional novel set in World War II about a Lithuanian girl named Lina who is separated from her family amidst the war. I am only in the first few chapters, but it's a beautiful read.

Sadly, I only managed to finish two books prior to my current read so far. I've enjoyed them immensely, despite Les Miserable being a required read for school. Here are what I've read:

I hope to finish the following before school starts:

Life So Far

i. I traveled to Taiwan. It was a beautiful place. I visited the palace in Taipei and the Yehliu Geopark, which made me appreciate and love nature even more. 

ii. I went to graduation ball. Although I found prom last year more fun, I had a great time with my date.

iii. I was awarded with Best Ethnographic Paper. Along with five other schoolmates who were awarded as well, we were given the honor of presenting our paper to government representatives of the Department of Education and to parents, teachers, and guests who attended our school's Open House event.

iv. I attended a 6-day retreat-immersion last January. For six days, we did not hold our phones or devices; instead, much of our time was spent on quiet reflection and bonding with our foster families in Baguio City, which is 6-hour drive from Manila. It was meaningful and fun because my foster family was very sweet and kind. They showed us how to farm and care for plants.

v. I graduated high school. Everyone, myself included, had a very emotional time on the day of our graduation. We officially said our farewells to one another before parting ways. It was a bittersweet moment.

Me, a College Freshman

On January 5th, I found out I was accepted into my new university. The 5-hour entrance exam was difficult, time-pressuring, and exhausting, so I didn't expect that I would be offered my first choice of course. The day the results were released, approximately 500 people were packed at one venue to view the posted results. I am grateful my name was among the lucky top 20% of applicants.

This August, I enter university as a college freshman pursuing Bachelor of Science in Management major in Legal Management as my pre-law. This is a major shift for me because I specialized in the Humanities & Social Sciences in senior high school, so I have little to no background knowledge on business and management. I am, however, determined to work hard, make new friends, and not die from academics. 

I am currently spending my summer afternoons taking up a bridging course on University Precalculus. It's a non-credited class, but I took it up in preparation for Applied Calculus for Business. Other than that, I've been spending my time with family and friends, while balancing it alongside summer schoolwork and leisure time for reading and watching movies.

and how have you been these past few months? 

jillian etc.