Now in University

True love has a habit of coming back.

If you have known me since I started my blog in 2014, literature has been my true love since the day I learned how to read. It was in every page, in each meticulously crafted plot, and in the detailed paragraphs did I find a home in a good book. And knowing this has made me come back after a seemingly long break, now a university student who is still in love with reading nonetheless.

Books I've Read

Entering university has unfortunately taken away all my time for leisure reading, but it has definitely given me a lot more in introducing me to a great number of literary works. Recently, I read several essays, Filipino poetry and classic literature, and legal cases for school. Setting these aside, the only fictional book I have read was The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath.

This happens to be one of the most difficult books I have ever read in my life as someone struggling with anxiety. I loved this book because not only did it reduce me to tears but it also gave me a new perspective on mental illness. The Bell Jar is a semi-autobiography about the author's struggles with mental health concerns. This is definitely worth reading because of its exploratory aspect on the human psyche.

My current read right now is Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. So far, I am enjoying everything there is to know and I hope to share my thoughts on this book once I finish.

University Life

  • Halfway through August, I officially began my first semester at Ateneo de Manila University. I am currently pursuing a degree in Legal Management in hopes of (maybe) becoming a lawyer for my country. Throughout my first semester, I tackled 21 units and I'll be taking on 23 units this semester (weeps).
  • I applied for a position at the university publication, The GUIDON, and got accepted. I write under the Inquiry section in which I tackle news and issues in addition to initiating conversation about things that matter. My articles are yet to be published online, but they will be up anytime soon.
  • After a tiring day of whole-day org work, I watched a UAAP finals basketball game with my high school friends in support of my university and also for my boyfriend who performed during halftime. It was a great experience, as this was my first time watching basketball live. 

  • Although December was a mentally challenging month filled with anxiety, I managed to get through finals week and get involved in my first home org work as secretariat deputy for our annual Christmas fair, Polar Express. I emailed concessionaires and followed through with instructions from my heads, which ultimately led to the success of the event through teamwork despite a number of fallbacks that happened.
  • This semester, I will be taking three major classes, particularly on Applied Calculus for Business & Economics I and II in addition to Obligations & Contract (ObliCon) for my pre-law class. Right now, I am jotting down what to prepare for and what to expect in these classes.

What's Coming

My long break was very unexpected due to a lot of factors happening in university; however, in spite of all the stress it entailed, my love for books still remains. Although posts will be slightly infrequent and inconsistent, I will be writing more about books, discussing more issues and topics, and sharing my ideas on things that matter.

While blogging has always been a favorite passion project of mine, I will share more of things that I love, narrate my journey through university, and give my insights on everything about this universe. Truly, there is still so much words bursting in the air, I honestly cannot contain myself. They need to be shared.

It's been a while. How have you guys been while I was gone?

jillian etc.