Why I Love Nonfiction

I remember being young and in love with fiction. Book after book, I devoured through copies of Markus Zusak, Ruta Sepetys, and Cornelia Funke, each one capturing my heart in a manner like no other. I stood by Meggie Folchart as she read book characters into life, as her father Mortimer gave life to even more, and I wept alongside Harry Potter as another well-loved friend dissipated into dust. 

Now, many years later, with eyes that search for more, I have fallen in love with nonfiction. 

My interest in memoirs has expanded over time. Maybe I love the way it speaks to me, or how it offers me with a new perception of life as I get older each day. Nonfiction has opened my eyes to more drastic realities and has told me things I needed to hear. As I near my 20's, I see my life differently, take my obligations with utmost priority, and learn the ropes of this so-called "adulting." And more than ever, I need such books to guide me.

5 Reasons Why I Love Nonfiction

1. There is inspiration in reading about actual events and lives. Some of my most favorite memoirs is Mitch Albom's Tuesdays with Morrie and Paul Kalanithi's When Breath Becomes Air. Both books have changed my perspective on adversity and have taught me to embrace life as if every day is your last.

2. I find guidance. Every nonfictional book that I read has a piece of the author's wisdom and knowledge, and I feel empowered by this. I feel that I can direct my life to something more.

3. There is always something new to learn. Books written by authors beyond my nationality offer me a fresh take of what life is like outside of my culture. Such was the case for Michelle Obama's Becoming. In her memoir, I understood better how politics and governance can influence your life and, in turn, how your life can change the course of the future.

4. Reading nonfiction allows me to see what people think and believe, and this challenges me to understand others and be more open to foreign cultures.

5. Nonfiction books educate. Learning does not stop.

Do you read nonfiction?

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